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What is the role of protective face shield?
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Protective face shield is a kind of safety product specially designed to protect the human body, because we will inevitably encounter harmful substances in real life and work and will inevitably work in a toxic environment. The professional concept is that the protective face shield is an industrial protective face shield for industrial protection of the eyes and face from harmful substances such as dust, chemicals, hot gases, poisonous gas, debris and other harmful substances. Tooth knob, install a large curved thin curved transparent cover on the toothed knob.

The large curved thin curved transparent cover can be rotated on the face or the top of the head on the elastic head clip with toothed knob.


Protective masks are divided into welding face shields, safety protective face shields, medical protective face shields, anti-virus face shields, and radiation shields according to different occasions. According to the classification, we can know that the function of the protective face shields is to prevent harmful substances such as toxic gases, toxic dust, radioactive substances, viruses and other harmful substances from invading the human body. Specifically, there are the following:

First of all, the protective mask can help us prevent some chemical solutions from falling into the eyes of the staff, and this face shield can also prevent some groups of debris from entering the eyes or damaging the face of the person.

     Secondly, it can allow users to resist radiation and heat dissipation in the working environment.

     There is also something that can help us prevent some microblog radiation problems. The face mask used by the welder's staff is also unique. It uses some hard fibers with better thickness when processing, and is lightweight and has very good electrical insulation performance.

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